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Recruiting as a service


We find your digital experts!

average savings per job opening

39 days
average reduction in time to hire

0 days
Setup time through plug and play solution

RaaS supports your recruiting

Are the costs and effort involved in filling your positions through internal recruiting too high for you?

Recruiting is time-consuming, difficult and resource-intensive.


Leading companies trust us (excerpt from medium-sized companies to corporations)

Your 2 main advantages through Recruiting as a Service compared to conventional recruiting methods

Cost efficiency

  • RaaS packages offer a transparent and predictable pricing structure that allows companies to better plan their recruiting costs. 

  • Using RaaS is more cost-effective than hiring recruiters individually for each position. 

Time saving

  • The continuous flow of applicants that RaaS provides saves companies time when searching for suitable candidates*inside. 

  • Efficient application processes and rapid selection help reduce time-to-hire. 

These advantages make Recruiting as a Service as a package an attractive option for companies that want to optimize their recruiting processes while saving costs.

The right digital experts are crucial for your future.
We will find them for you!

The right hard skills of your employees only form the basis of a recruiting strategy; the right soft skills and digital mindset are much more important for future viability. 

That's why we use a modern recruiting approach for our customers.

We analyze the digital mindset of candidates in a scientifically valid way during the search process with our Diagnostics tool Digital Competence Indicator.

All with one goal. Find suitable candidates for your team! 

Our solution

We support you with RaaS throughout the entire recruiting process and take care of all recruiting matters. We are therefore not just a service provider, but also a sparring partner for your long-term success.

Our expertise lies primarily in the  areas Digital, Agility, IT, Innovation, E-mobility.

Experienced recruiters

We only work with our own recruiters, all team members are very experienced and recruiting is not just a job, it is our passion.


We have a large number of candidates in our own database with whom we are in close contact and therefore have quick access.

Recruiting Care Package

We will not only provide you with the documents of the relevant candidates, but also a confidential report and a diagnostic profile so that you are optimally prepared.

Overview of the market

Thanks to intensive recruiting experience in different industries and markets, we have a broad view of the market.

Modern diagnostic tools

The CV and targeted interviews are important parts of the process. However, in order to get a complete picture of candidates, we use modern diagnostic tools.

Data security

The data of our customers and candidates is the most important thing to us, which is why data protection is not an obligation for us, but a matter of course.

We have a data protection officer and act strictly in accordance with the GDPR.

Overview of portals

We have a very detailed overview of the various job and career portals and know when which portal offers potential.

Employer branding

As a voice for the candidates, we are your employer branding mouthpiece and respond to your wishes. We also advise you with our employer branding experience.

Sparring partner

We are not just service providers, we see ourselves as sparring partners on an equal footing. This is the only way we can help you achieve long-term success in recruiting and thus throughout the entire company.

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RaaS packages

Treffen zum Unternehmenskonzept
Reference RaaS 1.png

Marco Dietrich

IT cloud developer

"The contact made by ONESTOPTRANSFORMATION was very professional. The vacancy corresponded exactly to the offer described in everyday working life. The discussions were always conducted on an equal footing and I didn't have the feeling that I was just being offered up as a commodity to customers, but my wishes and concerns were also discussed and dealt with it. Since the introduction to the customer, contact has been maintained and I have frequently asked whether everything is OK and how I am doing. All in all a good experience!"

What our candidates say

Anna Katzer.jpeg

Anna Katzer

Digital Consultant

"A job advertisement was shown to me in my social network as suitable, but the dusty presentation and the standard recruiting process simply put me off - and I didn't apply. When the ONESTOPTRANSFORMATION team actively approached me, I realized what potential lay in the same position. Modern recruiting at it's best!"

Reference RaaS 2.png

Dr. Naser Almohammed

E-mobility engineer

"I would like to thank you once again for your competent and friendly support throughout the entire application process. 

Thank you for the detailed information about the advertised position, your help with all questions and the obvious way in which you used your time. I really enjoyed our conversations and immediately felt at home."

Who is the team behind RaaS?

Behind RaaS is a team of experienced recruiters from ONESTOPTRANSFORMATION AG - The Mindset Company.

More than 20 people support you in building your team.

With our hybrid experience (combination of digital native approaches with years of consulting expertise) in finding the right candidates, we have a high-quality candidate pool with exciting and experienced minds for your company.
The digital mindset plays a crucial role in our targeted selection process. 
  • What is Recruiting as a Service?
    Recruiting-as-a-Service (RaaS) is a modern method of recruitment in which an external partner takes over all or part of the recruitment process for your company. This eliminates the need for internal HR resources to search, screen and select candidates. The RaaS offering is characterized by its adaptability, as it can be tailored precisely to your specific requirements through a variety of individually bookable additional services.
  • What advantages does RaaS offer?
    RaaS presents an economical solution for companies that are intensively searching for qualified specialist and management personnel. By cooperating with an external recruiting partner, you can not only save time and resources, but also concentrate on your core competencies. With extensive expertise, we use innovative approaches and tools to identify and attract the best talent for your company.
  • What are the biggest differences between classic recruitment services and RaaS?
    The most significant difference is that RaaS offers continuous and more comprehensive support, while traditional individual placement only includes a one-off placement in a permanent position. Another significant difference is that the prices for RaaS are usually cheaper compared to the commissions of individual placement. Finally, it should be mentioned that our broad service portfolio (including scientifically valid diagnostics) enables us to take over your personnel work and search exactly according to your requirements.
  • How quickly and successfully are positions filled through RaaS?
    Typically, it takes around 90 days between confirmation of the search assignment and the candidate signing the contract. However, thanks to the close cooperation with our clients and the continuous exchange of information, we often achieve success more quickly.
  • Which specialist areas does RaaS cover?
    Our extensive experience extends to the recruitment of specialists and executives, particularly in the IT and digital sectors, primarily in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We can draw on an extensive network of personal and business contacts, which further strengthens our ability to successfully identify and approach qualified candidates. Over the last few years, we have been able to build up a very robust pool of candidates in the IT and digital world and therefore have many exciting digital talents available for your company.
  • Who do I contact if I have further questions?
    Get in touch with our recruitment experts to arrange a free consultation. During this meeting, we will discuss with you how we can best support you in finding the right candidates. We look forward to understanding your requirements and offering you tailor-made solutions.
  • Why is RaaS the specialist in the IT and digital sector?
    Our team not only includes recruiting experts, but also many developers. As we program our own software (Mindset Navigator platform - used to support the recruiting process), we have software developers in the team and are therefore digital-by-nature, so to speak. This means we don't just talk about digital topics, we live them.
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